A Bra “Garden” for Breast Reconstruction Awareness at Vero Cosmetic

Superwoman’s Bra?


Have you ever seen the old Superman TV show that would open with the woman pointing and exclaiming,  “Look! Up in the Sky!  Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  (No, it was Superman.)

Looking at this photo now you might ask, “Is it a bird?”  (Yes, there is a bird on it, for sure).  Is it a plane?  (Well it ain’t a plain old bra, that’s for sure.)  And it represents SUPERWOMAN.  All of the women who undergo breast reconstruction are truly SuperWomen!

At the American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses convention in Boston last weekend, October 16-19, 2015, attendees could bid to take home their favorite decorated bra.  This fun auction was held to bring awareness to the fact that US law requires insurance companies to pay for breast reconstruction after cancer surgery in the breast area.  Plastic surgeons all over the world reconstruct after breast cancer and “make women feel beautiful again.”    There were bras studded with bottle caps, bras covered with hard candies, one spray painted silver to look like armor, —and then there was this one—a “garden” of moss with birds, flowers, butterflies and a fat ladybug.  Loren Clancy was high bidder in the auction to win this “tribute” to women and breast reconstruction.  It’s on display in our office at 1255 37th Street, Suite D, Vero Beach, FL.


ASPS Conference in Boston

New England during ASPS show in Boston

New England during ASPS show in Boston

The maple trees were blazing red, yellow, and orange (photo taken Saturday morning Oct. 17)  in New England while the Fraziers attended The Meeting 2015 – the annual conference of the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS).  Comedian Jay Leno will close the conference tonight entertaining the thousands of plastic surgeons who came in from around the world for 5 days of classes, exhibits, panel discussions, and updates on the latest techniques in plastic surgery.  Dr. Frazier always enjoys the five hour discussion on the newest things that work (and don’t work) and the incredible advances in surgery.


I just received an email from a high school friend with a picture of a mature woman climbing into a dryer at a laundromat.  The caption said:

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could put ourselves into a dryer for 10 minutes, and come out wrinkle free, back to our original shape, three sizes smaller and smelling April fresh.”  

I wrote him back and said I could help.  Fraxel skin tightening, liposuction, and one of Wyndee’s April-fresh facials coming up!

The nose knows

Did you know that the taste buds on your tongue only detect if foods are sweet, sour, salty or bitter?  So how do you “taste” if you are eating liver or swiss cheese?  The aroma hits the smell receptors in your nose which send the smell signal to your brain.  Your brain quickly processes the aroma and you get the message you have something “yucky” or pleasant in your mouth.   

Looking forward to being as self sufficient as possible someday.





Christmas 2011

VC eCard Cmas2011

Our jane iredale makeup featured in various April magazines

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We carry a full line of mineral make up from jane iredale company, including lipsticks, glosses, foundations, eye shadows / liners, and concealers.  This mineral-based makeup is actually good for your skin instead of clogging pores or creating blemishes.  You can even fall asleep in it! 

During April you can find jane iredale THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP featured in O Magazine, Shape Magazine, and Martha Steward Living.  You will also find it all the products listed in our STORE at http://www.verocosmetic.com .  Just click on the jane iredale link to see and order makeup. 

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More Men Are Choosing Plastic Surgery

By Steven Reinberg,  Health Day Reporter

MONDAY, March 21 (HealthDay News) — More American men seem to be lining up for facelifts, Botox injections, nose jobs and liposuction than ever before.

A new report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that the number of cosmetic procedures among men in the United States increased by 2 percent last year, compared with 2009. Men underwent more than 1.1 million cosmetic procedures, including both minimally invasive and surgical procedures, according to the report.

“Men are paying more attention to their appearance,” said Dr. Phillip Haeck, the society’s president.

However, the reasons that more men are having cosmetic procedures vary. “It all depends on the category,” he said.

Breast reductions, for instance, increased 6 percent. “That is driven by the fact that there is more awareness,” Haeck said. “I call this guys’ dirty little secret.”

“They are embarrassed by it,” he said. “They are interested in not letting anyone know that they have had this operation, but they are thrilled afterward. They can go out to the pool and not be embarrassed by the fact that they had what would be a woman’s C cup.”

Most men who undergo breast reduction, Haeck said, are younger than 30. “For them it’s a lot of money, but they are tired of being embarrassed by it,” he said.

On the other hand, the increase in facelifts is largely driven by men in their 50s and 60s, Haeck said.

“That’s the leading edge of the baby boomers,” he said. “These are really fit people who have paid a lot of attention to keeping their bodies in shape.” But, he said, they’re getting a “turkey neck,” which is something exercise won’t get rid of.

“This generation has paid a lot of attention to how they look, and they don’t want to grow old gracefully,” he said.

The pressure to look young apparently affects other men, too — especially those looking for work.

Haeck said that men have told him: “You’ve got to do something to help me because I need a job and I’m afraid I’m going to lose out because people are going to think I look too old.”

“That’s a recurring theme for guys who want to change jobs or who are out of work,” he said.

In addition, Haeck said, he’s noticed that women who’ve had cosmetic surgery often urge their husbands to have it as well.

According to the society’s statistics, facelifts increased by 14 percent, ear surgeries by 11 percent, Botox injections by 9 percent, liposuction treatments by 7 percent, breast reductions by 6 percent and eyelid surgery and dermabrasion by 4 percent each from 2009 to 2010.

Some procedures, though, were done less often, though they remain among the most popular for men. The number of nose reshapings declined by 4 percent, chemical peels by 3 percent and microdermabrasion by 10 percent, according to the report.

Dr. Seth R. Thaller, chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, agreed that more men are getting cosmetic procedures to offset the effects of aging.

“They are not asking to look 25 or 30, they just want to look a little bit better,” he said.

And Thaller said that he, too, is seeing more breast reductions among men who are embarrassed by their large breasts. “We are not only seeing it in adults, but we see it in teenagers,” he said.

Cosmetic procedures are usually not covered by insurance — and they’re not inexpensive, Thaller said. “But, can you put a price on quality of life and feeling good about yourself?” he asked.

Haeck said that a facelift costs, on average, $10,000 or more and that doctor’s fees alone for breast reduction average $3,013 and $2,884 for liposuction. Physician fees and hospital charges vary across the country, he noted.

Minimally invasive procedures do cost less. For example, Botox injections average about $375, he said, and microdermabrasion usually is less than $200.

Though some men go back for additional procedures after undergoing one, Haeck said, women still make up the majority of those who have cosmetic surgery. For example, Haeck’s practice is 92 percent women, he said.

According to the report, the most popular surgical procedures for men are nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, liposuction, breast reduction and hair transplantation.

Botox treatments top the most-popular list of minimally invasive procedures, followed by laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, chemical peel and soft tissue fillers.

Classified as Bizarre

All of us at Vero Cosmetic Surgery and MediSpa know that LAUGHTER is good medicine, even if you find your amusement from rather bizarre ads. The London Telegraph compiled these below from Craigslist.com

(Unless you have had stitches recently), throw back your head and laugh with us as we peruse these actual internet ads:


“Tuesday night around 11:30. On 53rd btw 1st and 2nd. You came out of the subway and I followed you. You looked over your shoulder, saw me and started walking faster. I ran up, grabbed your arm, took your purse and ran away. I’ve done many a snatch-and-grab but no one has ever stuck in my mind like you. There was a quick moment when our eyes met that I felt something strong. I think you felt it too. If I wasn’t so shy (or so committing a crime) I would have asked your name. I, of course, later got your name from your drivers license. So Jennifer if you’d like to get together for a drink sometime get back to me.”

“I’ll give you $2 + cost if you’ll deliver me some orange juice with receipt. I’m too lazy to get it myself.”

“My fiancé and I are getting married in June. He has eight groomsmen lined up, and I only have one bridesmaid. So I need some girls who are attractive and around my age to stand up in my wedding. You have to be hot, but not hotter than me.”

Actual cat shown in ad

“This destructive kitty has been trained as a proud warrior and will fiercely defend your house, even against you. Has a very soft and furry belly, like a teddy bear – however he will bite your face if you try to touch it. For the love of God, someone please take this thing out of my house.”

“I’m a female in my mid-60’s, and I am looking for a roommate. I am willing to rent out the bathroom in my 1 bedroom east village home. My bathroom is large. You can easily put a twin air mattress in there. I only ask that when I need to use the bathroom, you and the twin air mattress are not in it. I do ask that when you are in the apartment, you confine yourself to the bathroom. I do not feel comfortable with a stranger walking around my living room.”

Common Cold, Common Sense

After your coworker gets sick, you have washed your hands– a lot!– sprayed Lysol on the copy machine and doorknobs at work, and taken your vitamins. But WHAM! you still come down with Lucy’s winter cold.

While you are fighting that nasty head cold or rumbling cough, here are 4 things you can do to cooperate with your own body and help it run its course sooner rather than later.
1. Eat lightly. Naturally, your body is going to dial back appetite, presumably to conserve energy and body heat to fight the cold. Do drink plenty of liquids (water, water, water!) to thin mucus.
2. Snooze, sleep, doze. Immune system chemicals called cytokines may make you sleepier than usual so don’t fight it.   Why not use paper plates so you don’t have to do dishes tonight and get to bed extra early?  Sleep as much as possible so your body can use as much energy as possible fighting the invaders in your body.
3. Relax, baby, relax. Researchers feel people with elevated stress levels release more immune system chemicals that cause inflammation and have more severe symptoms during colds. So read that joke book, meditate on happy things or pray,  and allow yourself to put off stressful deadlines, confrontation, stressful tasks or too much work.
4. Avoid intense workouts. If you have a head cold, moderate activity like a 30 minute stroll might be beneficial but if you have a sore throat or a respiratory cold involving the lungs, then keep to the easy chair and bed. With any type of cold, it’s best to avoid the gym for weight lifting or  those intense cardio workouts that get your blood pulsing.  You can resume the intense workouts after you are feeling better.