How are your resolutions?

A great habit

Okay we are approaching 40 days into the New Year 2011.  How are you doing with the resolutions and good changes for 2011 in your life?  At 3 weeks, you have begun to form a good habit.  New research  from Britain shows that you are pretty well established in that habit after  66 days.   So we have a few more days to go to solidify those good habits.  

And what if you have missed a few days in establishing a routine?  Don’t give up.  Dr. Frazier and the staff always tell people that they can easily tack on good habits like exercise or putting on sunscreen to their daily lives by adding them to other routines.  You already have the habit of reaching for the toothbrush, washcloth or deodorant stick each morning, don’t you?  

First, put the vitamin bottle, the sunscreen bottle, or the notecard to memorize a new French verb next to the toothbrush that you reach for.   Secondly, keep the task simple.  Putting on sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage and those dark age spots takes about 30 seconds.  Study the French verb and repeat it as you get dressed.  Or tape it to the bathroom mirror and go over it while you shower.   Keep it simple so the task won’t seem burdensome.  Soon it will be a normal part of your routine.  

With modern electronics, it’s so easy to set a daily timer on the Android or I-phone as a reminder to exercise or do a task.  One of our friends who is worried about osteoporosis  has a phone timer that goes off daily to remind her to take her calcium and vitamin D.  If the timer goes off and she hasn’t taken her pills, she can hit the snooze alarm on the phone.  When the timer goes off and she has already swallowed the calcium, she can pat herself on the back and reinforce that she is taking good care of herself.    On top of that, she has purchased a daily pill holder that she fills every Sunday for the week.  That reminder stays next to the coffeepot where she will see it each morning.   

Psst, here’s a little secret— if you haven’t started yet, the Health And Benefits International Training Squad (aka H.A.B.I.T.S.)  will truly allow you to make resolutions in the middle of February.  What habit do you need to build to make 2011 and the years to follow better for you?  Let’s get started!


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