Our jane iredale makeup featured in various April magazines

In our special Skin Care event on April 15, 2011 at Vero Cosmetic Surgery and MediSpa, we will be telling you about skin care PLUS special discounts for jane iredale makeup.  Call to reserve a chair at this event and get your discount card.

Come see us for a free lunch April 15, 2011

We carry a full line of mineral make up from jane iredale company, including lipsticks, glosses, foundations, eye shadows / liners, and concealers.  This mineral-based makeup is actually good for your skin instead of clogging pores or creating blemishes.  You can even fall asleep in it! 

During April you can find jane iredale THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP featured in O Magazine, Shape Magazine, and Martha Steward Living.  You will also find it all the products listed in our STORE at http://www.verocosmetic.com .  Just click on the jane iredale link to see and order makeup. 

Click to dispense concealer to the brush in this most excellent applicator!


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