A Bra “Garden” for Breast Reconstruction Awareness at Vero Cosmetic

Superwoman’s Bra?


Have you ever seen the old Superman TV show that would open with the woman pointing and exclaiming,  “Look! Up in the Sky!  Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  (No, it was Superman.)

Looking at this photo now you might ask, “Is it a bird?”  (Yes, there is a bird on it, for sure).  Is it a plane?  (Well it ain’t a plain old bra, that’s for sure.)  And it represents SUPERWOMAN.  All of the women who undergo breast reconstruction are truly SuperWomen!

At the American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses convention in Boston last weekend, October 16-19, 2015, attendees could bid to take home their favorite decorated bra.  This fun auction was held to bring awareness to the fact that US law requires insurance companies to pay for breast reconstruction after cancer surgery in the breast area.  Plastic surgeons all over the world reconstruct after breast cancer and “make women feel beautiful again.”    There were bras studded with bottle caps, bras covered with hard candies, one spray painted silver to look like armor, —and then there was this one—a “garden” of moss with birds, flowers, butterflies and a fat ladybug.  Loren Clancy was high bidder in the auction to win this “tribute” to women and breast reconstruction.  It’s on display in our office at 1255 37th Street, Suite D, Vero Beach, FL.


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