Passing along some fun facts for Presidents’ Day

All those mouths to feed.                                                                     Several presidents have had no children but #10 John Tyler made up for them.  He fathered 15 children.  After he was widowed, his second marriage was to a young socialite 30 years younger.

Rutherford Hayes was the first president with a telephone.
Alexander Graham Bell installed the phone himself.

The Long & Short of It.
At 6’4″, Abe Lincoln was our tallest president. James Madison
was the shortest, standing 5’4″ (and weighing less than 100 pounds).

Say Cheese!
James Polk was the first president to be photographed.AdamsGator

Tipping the Scales.
John Q. Adams is said to have had a pet alligator. Apparently, he even kept the reptile in the White House. Perhaps he captured it from the Potomac River as it was his custom to swim nude in the river (whenever weather permitted) each day.

Too Much Horsepower.
Ulysses S. Grant was issued a speeding ticket for riding his horse too fast along a Washington street.

Not So Lost in Translation.
President Garfield was ambidextrous. It’s been said you could ask him a question in English and he could write the answer in Latin with one hand and in Greek with the other…simultaneously. 

Want to be a Doctor or President when you Grow Up?                        William Henry Harrison was the only President who studied to be a doctor.  He was President only 30 days before dying of pneumonia.


How are your resolutions?

A great habit

Okay we are approaching 40 days into the New Year 2011.  How are you doing with the resolutions and good changes for 2011 in your life?  At 3 weeks, you have begun to form a good habit.  New research  from Britain shows that you are pretty well established in that habit after  66 days.   So we have a few more days to go to solidify those good habits.  

And what if you have missed a few days in establishing a routine?  Don’t give up.  Dr. Frazier and the staff always tell people that they can easily tack on good habits like exercise or putting on sunscreen to their daily lives by adding them to other routines.  You already have the habit of reaching for the toothbrush, washcloth or deodorant stick each morning, don’t you?  

First, put the vitamin bottle, the sunscreen bottle, or the notecard to memorize a new French verb next to the toothbrush that you reach for.   Secondly, keep the task simple.  Putting on sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage and those dark age spots takes about 30 seconds.  Study the French verb and repeat it as you get dressed.  Or tape it to the bathroom mirror and go over it while you shower.   Keep it simple so the task won’t seem burdensome.  Soon it will be a normal part of your routine.  

With modern electronics, it’s so easy to set a daily timer on the Android or I-phone as a reminder to exercise or do a task.  One of our friends who is worried about osteoporosis  has a phone timer that goes off daily to remind her to take her calcium and vitamin D.  If the timer goes off and she hasn’t taken her pills, she can hit the snooze alarm on the phone.  When the timer goes off and she has already swallowed the calcium, she can pat herself on the back and reinforce that she is taking good care of herself.    On top of that, she has purchased a daily pill holder that she fills every Sunday for the week.  That reminder stays next to the coffeepot where she will see it each morning.   

Psst, here’s a little secret— if you haven’t started yet, the Health And Benefits International Training Squad (aka H.A.B.I.T.S.)  will truly allow you to make resolutions in the middle of February.  What habit do you need to build to make 2011 and the years to follow better for you?  Let’s get started!

Wedding 2 – Jane, our scheduling coordinator

Jane and Enrico Capo

We are celebrating with Jane Capo at Vero Cosmetic Surgery and MediSpa.  In a beautiful evening wedding at Palm City Presbyterian Church on December 18, 2010,  Jane,  our scheduling coordinator,  married Enrico Capo of Palm City.   Jane’s daughter Ann  and Enrico’s son Michael  were bridesmaid and groomsman.  Guests enjoyed dinner and dancing with the couple after the ceremony at the Hutchinson Island Marriott Resort.   During the week after Christmas, Jane and Enrico celebrated their honeymoon in the Sarasota area.  Stop by our office and ask to see more of Jane’s photos and the sparkles on her left hand.  She’s the one with the big smile on her face as you check out in the MediSpa.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

A blessed Christmas to all

We laughed at this video (link below.)  The story may have changed a little in the eyes of a 6 year old, but in our hearts it is the same proclaimed by the Christmas angel:  “I bring you good news of great joy. Today a Savior has been born to you.  He is Christ the Lord.”

  Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones from the staff and families at Vero Cosmetic Surgery – Dr. William H. Frazier.

China Memories

Karst shaped mountains of Yangshuo, China

What an exciting year it’s been.  As we approach the end of the year we look back and marvel not only at the changes at the office, but also marvel at the places we have been priviledged to go this year because of some of the people we have met.    One year ago Xinzhu Ban from China had just joined us in the U.S.A. to learn better English.  We hope that manyof the people who passed through our office enjoyed talking with “Bam” as he became known.  His “job” at the office was to converse with patients as they waited for appointments and learn better English.  In the 6 months he was in Florida, Bam grew very dear to many people in the Vero Beach area.  He accompanied us on several trips to see parts of the U.S. — places like San Antonio, TX, Savannah, GA, Las Vegas, NV,

Bam at Animal Kingdom, Orlando

 Grand Canyon, AZ , Washington, DC, and Florida’s Disney World.   Before he returned to his university in China in late April, Bam was  “Mr. Popular,”  participating in birthday parties, family events and outings with Vero Cosmetic staff and others he met along the way.  

In August, I accompanied my wife on a business trip to Asia  and had the chance to spend a week

The Fraziers in eastern Tibetan dress

with Xinzhu and his family in China.  The trip took us through 5 cities— (1) Beijing with its cultural sites like the Great Wall and the famous Peking Opera,  (2) Xining in what is considered eastern Tibet region, (3) Xi’an where the terra cotta warrior army was unearthed less than 40 years ago (4) Guilin and Yangshuo, some of the most hauntingly beautiful  and unusual scenery in all of China (5) Guangzhou (formerly Canton) where we said goodbye to Bam and his mother. 

Then, we were off to see a couple more sites in Asia.  We spent two days near Hue the ancient capital of Vietnam where we were persuaded by our guide to get into ancient Vietnamese royal robes for a photo op.  Yes, that is me behind the black beard.  I guess the ancient emperors of Hue dressed like this, transported in golden chairs.  Could that be why the French managed to take control of Vietnam?  Was it because the Emperors couldn’t fight or run in those heavy robes in the heat and humidity? (And I couldn’t either.)

Trying out the ancient imperial dress

If Touch is your “Love Language”, think Massage

We laughed when we saw the woman in this cartoon who probably needed a lot of “touch” to feel loved.   That’s because we have read the book  “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman.  Chapman says each person has a “love language” that speaks to him or her and says “I care about you” or “I love you.”  What are the 5 languages?  Gifts. Acts of Service.  Quality Time. Words of Affirmation. Touch.   First, realize that getting gifts may make you feel loved, but it may not mean a thing to your loved one if  one of the other languages expresses love in his or her mind. 

What is her "Love Language?"

Think about it…  When Uncle Ned comes up and gives you a bear hug, do you feel loved?  When Dad spends time alone without the TV (real Quality Time)  talking with you one on one, does that relate to you that he really cares about you? 

Maybe you don’t care whether you receive Christmas or birthday gifts, but gifts mean the world to a daughter or son.  When a person’s love language is GIFTS, they may be telling you they “speak” this language by buying you little things all the time.  They are “speaking” their love language with actions.  You, of course can recognize this.  Even if gifts don’t mean much to you, you can “speak” love back to them by giving them little trinkets or wrapped items at all times of the year.  And remember, gifts don’t have to be expensive—it is the thought behind it.  The other languages,  Touch, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time or Acts of Service,  are even easier on the budget.  

Ask your spouse, your best friend, your children this question today:  Which of these 5 “languages” means “I love you” to you?  Watch for those love languages and begin to “speak” the language that says, “I care.”  It may change your world.

Coming Soon:  If “touch” is your love language, you may want to think about a massage to soothe away stress, help with sports injuries, fibromyalgia or other conditions.  Phone our office for more information.  772-562-2400

Black Friday? It looks pretty green at the mall.

How did this day after Thanksgiving get the name “black” when there is so much “green” in those cash registers all over town? We all know it’s the day that sidewalks are stuffed with people (stuffed with turkey) and streets are jammed up in front of the strip malls on the first day of Christmas shopping. The term seems to have begun in Philadelphia back in the1960s. Did the policemen who had to do crowd control in a pretty dark mood start calling it “black Friday?” Some say it is a day when store and franchise owners see black ink instead of red. Clerks sure see a lot of black numbers running across the fronts of those credit cards. Since people start lining up at the doors of Steinmart or Walmart at midnight, it’s probably another reason the day starts…well, in blackness.
Here at Vero Cosmetic, we are make a resolution. No more black! We will make sure the rush of the season doesn’t darken our moods. It’s time to see the beautiful colors of December –blue and silver chanukkah cards, green pine trees, red Santa suits, and yellow candle flames, lit to proclaim a baby’s birth. It’s time to throw off this black day and begin to celebrate!

Paula Deen’s yummy Thanksgiving Citrus Cranberry

We love to visit relatives in Savannah, home of restaurant The Lady & Sons, owned by TV personality Paula Deen. Check out her recipe for Thanksgiving citrus cranberry sauce that can be prepared up to two days ahead.

  1.  1 (8-ounce) bag fresh cranberries
  2. 1 (11-ounce) can mandarin oranges, drained
  3. 3/4 cup sugar
  4. 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Do this: In a medium saucepan, combine cranberries, oranges, sugar, and cinnamon. Cook over medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes, stirring frequently, until cranberries burst and sauce thickens. Remove from heat; cover, and chill.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends around the world!  We are thankful this season for YOU!             ~Post from Dr. William H. Frazier

Rhinoplasty fun from the Reader’s Digest

By Dan Reynolds

Hello world!

Our ad at the Riverside Theatre, Vero Beach FLHello South Florida!  I’m glad you have found us.  I hope to post some interesting information to keep you informed about medicine, wellness, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.  I’d love to hear your questions.    Posted by William H. Frazier, MD